Pearl Puzzle Powered by AdVantage

Pearl Puzzle Powered by AdVantage 1.0

Pearl Puzzle is just another collapse game developed by
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Pearl Puzzle is just another collapse game. You have to find columns or rows of three or more like colored pearls, then click one of them and make them disappear making the rows and columns above collapse. It is very simple and easy to play, but in my opinion a bit boring since it is just like every other collapse game. There are two game modes, which are not very different from each other. You can choose Stalagmites mode in which the pearls grow from the bottom of the screen or the Stalactites mode in which the pearls fall down from the top. It is pretty much the same mode, the only difference is where the new rows and columns pearls appear from.
The graphics are ok, nothing out of the ordinary, as well as the sound effects and the music.
The best thing is that you can download the full version without having to pay anything. The game is completely free.
To sum up, Pearl Puzzle is an average collapse game, if you like these games, you will be able to have fun for a while with this one without paying any money.

Review summary


  • Easy to play
  • Free


  • Not original
  • Gets boring after a while
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